Marina The Mushroom's Queen

Our Story

The Dream of One Man that Became a Groundbreaking Reality.

While there are numerous mushroom farms in Israel and around the world, Marina stands alone. Situated in Western Galilee, this small mushroom farm has blossomed into an empire renowned for its knowledge, quality, and freshness. At Marina, our mission is to elevate mushrooms to their rightful place in the Israeli kitchen, making them an indispensable ingredient in every meal, from daily dishes to gourmet feasts. We proudly present the Israeli public with the remarkable benefits of a diet rich in mushrooms. Remo Ben Shushan, the company’s founder, has rightfully earned the title of a pioneer in Israel’s mushroom industry – the Mushroom King. His exploration of the world of mushrooms in the 1980s ultimately led to the establishment of a thriving factory, bringing his vision to fruition.”

Our Products

The mushroom kingdom.

Hydroponics at Its Best

Hydroponic agriculture is often cited as the farming solution of the future, a tool on which humanity relies to manage fresh food production in dense urban environments, mitigating the reduction of fertile land and accommodating a growing population amidst an increasing demand for food. At Marina, we specialize in hydroponic cultivation and advanced systems for green growth. We grow within controlled irrigation systems, maximizing resource utilization.

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